Here is some brief background on The Empire of Light to get you started

The Elgalad Empire

The Elgalad Empire considers itself to be a beacon to the world which it calls Elantor, meaning “present place”. It is ruled by Galad III, of the Galadrim Dynasty, who is said to be over 2000 years old, from his capital of Lucentia.

He is of the racial type commonly referred to as “elf”, though such a crude way of expressing one’s self would never pass his lips, with “Luzren” being the preferred term, and the language of these people, who mostly form the upper crust of society in the Elgalad Empire, is “Luzwen”.

Races of Elantor

There are many different sorts of creatures of Elantor who have “Athel” (sometimes “Elathel”) or in the more common speech, “The Spark”. It is assumed by scholars that all creatures with The Spark can interbreed, and despite their decidedly varied appearance are all breeds of one species. Distasteful as it might be to express things so, it is sometimes likened to the different breeds of dog or horse, where very wide variations in capability and appearance are seen within the one species. For further information consult Athelren

Religions of Elantor

There are multiple religions known, some with several Gods, though there are those who say that the gods are merely an anthropomorphized narrative constructed to explain phenomena that are better explained via natural and paranatural law. The basics of The Planes have a reasonable amount of agreement, though scholars vary widely on details.

The Empire of Light

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