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  • Religions of Elantor

    The official religion of the Elgalad Empire is known as The Faith. It features the following gods, known collectively as the Triad. * [[Lucindara]] - Goddess of the Sun. Available domains are Life, Light. * [[Teradin]] - Father Earth - God of the …

  • Galadien

    Founder of the [[Galadrim Dynasty]]. Often called Galadien the Wise, she was much loved, and revered, though her wrath could be terrible. She is now worshiped by some as a demigod. She was frequently accompanied by her court jester [[Bardiana]].

  • Athel

    Also known as "The Spark". Crudely this translates to sentience, but there are gray areas. It is most commonly used to describe and explain the reluctance that beings have to kill one another. A person might kill an insect, or a cat might kill a mouse …