Elgalad Empire

The Elgalad Empire, sometimes known commonly as simply the Galad Empire, is the dominant power of Elantor or at least of what part of it is worth knowing.

It is currently ruled by Galad III, who is of the Galadrim Dynasty. He has held this position, some say, for 3000 years.

The Elgalad Empire was formed by the conquests of Moradin the Great, whose conquests put an end to the Era of Conflict. After consolidating the core of Elgalad lands, Moradin built the Great Barrier, which formed a buffer and protection from the raids of barbarians and other uncivilized persons.

The current dynasty was founded by Galadien The Wise who as Empress brought a great age of peace and prosperity to the empire.

The Empire is run by professional bureaucrats, who are trained in the arts of penmanship and poetry, as well as other, slightly more practical knowledge. In order to get a job as a bureaucrat, one must pass an examination of the appropriate level.

Elgalad Empire

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