Geography of Elantor

Cities of the Empire

The capital city of the Empire of Light is Lucentia. Situated inland from the Great Ocean, it sits at the mouth of a valley where many tombs of deceased emperors lie.

The Emperor himself sees no need to trade with those of other countries, but since he is the Emperor of all his subjects, including those who wish to trade, such trade is allowed. The greatest trading port is Halbentia, or as it is known in the common language, Freeport.

Freeport is not technically on the coast, but about 5 miles inland along the Great River, though the river is navigable by all ocean going vehicles.

Other nations

  • The Misty Isles. Mysterious in some ways. Accepted as civilized by the Emperor.
  • The Island of Nosturia. Officials of the Empire, following the Throne of Light, refer to this as the “province” of Nosturia, but in reality, the Empire has no sway here. It is ruled by Caldarad, who is a distant cousin of Galad III
  • The North Island. The population is considered barbarians by the Empire, and is thought to be of little account.

Geography of Elantor

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