Rancher background

Proficiencies: Animal Handling, Survival
Tool proficiency: Whip
Equipment: Whip, jewelry carved from animal horns, woodcarving tools, or leatherworking tools, common clothes, purse with 10gp

Type of animal tended

  1. Cattle
  2. Sheep
  3. Goats
  4. Hippogriffs
  5. Horses
  6. Elephants

Personality Trait

  1. I like to sleep under the stars at night, and listen to the crickets chirping.
  2. I watch over my charges like I watch over the herd.
  3. I find that words are rarely necessary
  4. I have a pointed story about my herd for every occasion.
  5. I’m always fiddling with something with my hands, perhaps carving.
  6. I once talked a stray bull back into his pen


  1. Responsibility. I will take care of my charges, even when there’s no help around or nobody looking.
  2. Honor. I will exact justice (or is it revenge?) on anyone who has harmed my charges.
  3. Greater Good. Everyone has to do their part.
  4. Might. You gotta be tough to succeed in this business.
  5. Adapt. Every range and every season is different. You have to keep up with what’s happening
  6. Loyal. My people (kin, city, race) are all that matter. I’ll never walk away from them.


  1. My family or kin is the most important thing to me.
  2. I will protect the herd, or any animals near me.
  3. I will bring vengeance on the rustlers that stole our animals.
  4. My honor is my life
  5. I want to make amends.
  6. My comrades in arms are worth dying for.


  1. That monstrous enemy that attacked the ranch still leaves me quivering in fear.
  2. I fell asleep and the herd was slaughtered and stolen.
  3. I talk incessantly, and I can hardly keep a secret.
  4. I love a good, stiff drink. Or two. Three would be excellent.
  5. I am proud, and resist attempts to help me.
  6. I’m tired of playing it safe. Life is too short for caution.

Rancher background

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