Religions of Elantor

The official religion of the Elgalad Empire is known as The Faith. It features the following gods, known collectively as the Triad.

  • Lucindara – Goddess of the Sun. Available domains are Life, Light.
  • Teradin – Father Earth – God of the Earth. Domains: Nature, Tempest
  • Kaladel Sindolan – Celestial Administrator – Carries out the wishes of Lucindara and Teradin. Domains: Knowledge, War, Trickery

Worship of these three is really one and the same religion, though clerics often favor one or the other, and wear their colors.

There are also many demigods, including past Emperors and Heroes, which includes

In addition, it is not unusual for someone to follow the path of their own ancestors, or to, in some cases, adopt some ancestors, should those ancestors look back from The Future to the supplicant. Any domain is available to those clerics holding to their family tradition, though they would normally also show obeisance to the Triad.

Religions of Elantor

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