Teamster background

Proficiencies: Animal Handling, Intimidation
Tool proficiency: vehicles(land)
Equipment: donkey or mule, cart, common clothes, purse with 10gp

Feature: Traveller

You know the streets and alleys of your home city very well, and one other city. You can always recall the general layout of houses, and what sort of traffic is on streets at various times of day. You also know where most common types of shops, and particular tradesmen are to be found.

Personality Trait

  1. I like to travel to new places.
  2. I love the sounds of a busy market, and will linger there just to listen and watch.
  3. I feel more comfortable with my animals than I do with humans
  4. I have an earthy old proverb for every occasion.
  5. I’ve been known to spin a tall tale.
  6. I have a crude sense of humor.


  1. Respect Everybody deserves respect.
  2. Change Once she was a street vendor, now she owns 3 inns. The wheel keeps turning and the cart keeps rolling.
  3. Retribution One day those who take what they want with no account for anyone else will get what’s coming to them.
  4. People I help them as help me, that’s the way the world turns.
  5. Strength I got no clan or money to back me up, just my own strength to take what’s mine.
  6. Fair Trade If we don’t honor the deal, and keep our bargains, the world would fall apart.


  1. I would have lost my cart and my animal if it weren’t for her. I owe her everything.
  2. I dislike the mistreatment of animals. I’ll step in no matter who does it.
  3. One day I’ll find the people that gave old Amos the bad feed that killed him.
  4. If they ever find out that I’m the one that did that bit of smuggling, I’ll end up in the dungeon.
  5. My name means nothing now, but it will mean a lot before I’m finished.
  6. I’ll never turn my back on them’s that loyal to me.


  1. I’ll say anything to avoid having to load the cart myself.
  2. Usually I don’t drink while the cart is moving, but the animals good at staying on the road, so why not?
  3. I tend to blow in the wind and do things I shouldn’t as a result.
  4. I’ll never back down once someone’s called me a coward.
  5. I won’t help those who won’t help themselves. It’s not my problem.
  6. I’ll do just about anything that will bring a jingle to my purse.

Teamster background

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