Swordsman of the Vale

Proficiencies: Arcana, Stealth
Language Proficiency: Written Luzwen
Equipment: Sword of the Vale (as rapier, though it looks different), monk robes (gray), begging bowl, medallion of the vale

You belong to the Swordsmen of the Vale, a rare and esoteric group that generates much interest in all parts of the Empire. It’s disciples are known for their ability to make precise cuts with their blade, to use the forces of North and South, and to be able to discern the truth.

Feature: Cut to the Truth

Once per long rest, a Swordsman of the Vale may meditate for 5 minutes in the form of sword practice and thus gain Advantage on their next Perception, Insight, or Investigation roll.

Personality Traits

  1. I cultivate an air of serenity
  2. I am intensely curious, particularly about matters concerning people
  3. I view myself as one of an elite, and expect to be treated as such
  4. I am able to bear any environmental hardship; nothing could be a difficult as my training.
  5. I am devoted to further developing my skill
  6. I am carefree and cheerful, almost buffoonishj


  1. Correctness I will do my duty, and see to it that the social order is maintained.
  2. Follow The Way In the degradation of the Great Way lies righteousness (Good)
  3. Skill The race is to the most skilled, and nothing else matters as much
  4. Flow Life is a river, and we must flow along with it through all its courses
  5. Benevolence My superior skill and training should be used to lighten the lives of others
  6. Purity I should not sully myself or my skills or bring dishonor to my teachers or the Temple of the Vale


  1. I owe everything to my master and teacher.
  2. I hunger to see oppression overthrown and right done.
  3. I have chosen to protect this place or these people, and I will not be swayed.
  4. I will perfect my art no matter what
  5. I will bring honor to the Order of the Vale
  6. I will stand by my comrades regardless of what threatens


  1. There was little drink in the monastery, and that is a great shame
  2. I am sometimes so obsessed with mastery of my craft that I forget about other things. Important things.
  3. I am extremely taciturn, and sometimes forget to tell people important things.
  4. My jocularity makes it difficult for people to take me seriously
  5. I feel rage when I see injustice or oppression, and often lose my serenity
  6. I neglect my daily training, and my master must remind me.

Swordsman of the Vale

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